Nada Yoga

Weekend workshop 14-16 June – at the Retreat Center in Hälsingland

Workshop 19 June at the Yoga School in Katrineholm

with Mantrasiddhi and Anandamaya from Argentina

Course information

During this weekend with Nada Yoga we will explore sound vibrations through mantra and kirtan, along with various yogic techniques that help us refine our senses so we can tune into the vibration of happiness.

With sound vibrations, rhythms and melodies we can reach the deeper parts of the psyche. The result is that we release tensions and get in touch with the deeper layers of individual and universal consciousness.

Mantras create an atmosphere and an inner state that enables an experience of meditation and the release of mental and emotional stress. ”Man” means mind and ”tra” (trayati) liberation. Mantra thus means ”liberation of the mind”.

Mantrasiddhi and Anandamaya from Argentina are coming to teach this course. They both have long and deep experience in music and yoga.

Mantrasiddhi has studied and lived at the Satyananda Yoga ashram in India for extended periods since 2010. She has studied Hindustani music with Pt. Devashish Dey in Varanasi, India, where she has lived on several occasions to study classical Indian music.

She has been teaching yoga since 2013 and since 2017 she has focused more on music, mantra and harmonium. She is a passionate teacher who creates a safe environment where her students develop the confidence to sing with joy.

Anandamaya has been following the spark of inner truth for the past twelve years. A spark that has led him to a yoga tradition that is lived in Ganga Darshan, Munger and Rikhiapeeth, Deoghar, India. He has lived at both of Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s ashrams for extended periods. Where he has undergone various trainings in yoga and yogic lifestyle.

When he came in contact with tabla, the Indian percussion instrument, it was the same spark that led him to Varanasi where he studied with tabla master Ishwar Lal Mishar of the Banaras Gharana.

The course is held in English.

Praktisk information

Course leadar: Mantrasiddhi and Anandamaya from Argentina.
Satyananda Yoga Retreat Center 10 km outside of Bollnäs
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Dates: Friday 14 June, 17.00-Sunday 16 June, 14.00
Price: SEK 2.600 incl. board and lodging

The course is held in English. You need to have basic knowledge in understanding English.

No prior knowledge is required to participate.

Payment and cancellation information: A registration fee, SEK 800, is paid when you receive an email that you have a place on the course. It is not refundable. The remaining course fee is paid by May 15 at the latest. After May 15, the course fee will only be refunded if the course is cancelled.

When registering after May 15, cancellation must be made within 24 hours, after which the above applies.

Approximate schedule
(with reservation for changes)
17.00 Gathering with information
18.30 Dinner
20.00-21.00 Kirtan & mantra

06.00 – 08.00 Yoga: asanas, pranayama, meditation with elements of Nada Yoga
08.30 – 09.00 Breakfast
09.40 – 10.50 Nada Yoga
11.00 – 12.50 Karma Yoga
13.00 – 13.45 Lunch
13.45 – 16.00 Fri time
16.00 – 18.00 Yoga Nidra and Meditation
18.30 – 19.00 Deinner
20.00 – 21.00 Kirtan, Mantra
21.30 Bedtime
06.00 – 08.00 Yoga: asanas, pranayama, meditation with elements of Nada Yoga
08.30 – 09.00 Breakfast
09.40 – 10.50 Nada Yoga
11.00 – 12.50 Karma Yoga
13.00 – 13.45 Lunch

We practice mouna every day between 9.00 p.m. and 9.00 a.m. and during lunch.


Nada Yoga

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